1. Recently, Vorwerk has become increasingly aware of accessories offered by third-party suppliers for its Thermomix® food processor. These items are intended to replace or complement original parts and accessories, such as lids, sealing rings, knives, mixing bowls and bases, measuring cups, Varoma® attachments, simmering baskets, butterfly whisks, and splash guards.


2. With this situation in mind, we wish to state the following: we recommend that you exclusively use original Vorwerk products or accessories approved by Vorwerk for your Thermomix® device.


3. Using our original Vorwerk Thermomix® parts and accessories in conjunction with your Thermomix® food processor ensures that you meet all safety precautions specified by the manufacturer and that your Thermomix® device will function correctly. All of our accessories have been tested thoroughly to ensure you can cook safely and without risk of injury, and to safeguard your Thermomix® device from damage.


4. Despite our efforts to monitor the market, we are not able to assess – and therefore cannot guarantee – the reliability, safety or suitability of accessories for your Thermomix® device that are not manufactured or approved by Vorwerk. In particular, this means we cannot accept any liability for injuries caused as a result of using these accessories, for food becoming contaminated by untested plastics, or for damage caused to your Thermomix® device.


5. Before using third-party accessories, please, therefore, be aware that you could invalidate your warranty claims and any product liability claims if the damage is caused by accessories not produced by Vorwerk.


6. Improper repairs to your appliance may result in fire, electric shock or burns:

Never carry out repairs to your appliance yourself, as this may disable safety functions. Repairs to electrical appliances may only be carried out by Vorwerk Customer Service, a repair centre authorised by Vorwerk or a similarly qualified person in order to avoid hazards. Defective parts may only be replaced with original spare parts in order to avoid hazards. Contact your Vorwerk customer service in the event of damage to the appliance.